Tailgating can be a lot of fun. Even if you do not have tickets to get into the game tailgating is all about enjoying the game. Being able to set up a television so you can watch and enjoy the game in the parking lot with all of your tailgating friends can be great.


Sadly the first issue you will notice is that you are in a parking lot far away from having a television with a cable long enough, and no satellite dish to watch the game from. If you are fortunate to have satellite television at home to watch the game then you need to purchase a portable satellite dish such as the VuQub. Dish network also makes portable satelite dishes but the VuQub works for a variety of satellite carriers. Next you ill need something to generate power. You should probably purchase a small gas generator you will not need to much power for running your TV and dish box. Next you should think about purchasing a small LCD TV. They are small enough and portable enough to move around, and this way you have more room to bring food and beer to the tailgating party and do not need to use up all of your space for a television.

Here is a checklist for everything you need to watch the game while you tailgate.

1. Extension cords
2. Radio or LCD TV
3. Gas Generator
4. Antenna with Digital Tuner or Satellite network subscription*
5. Portable Satellite dish

No all you need to do is plug everything in, set up your antenna or align your satellite dish, sit back, and enjoy the game.

*In larger cities, it is common for home games to be carried by local stations and transmitted over-the-air to your antenna. If this is the case, please make sure to also invest in a digital tuner because analog TVs cannot tune into the new digital signal. This alternative is much cheaper than a satellite dish and should be used if it is available.