Tailgating Gear

A tailgating party won’t be one without the right planners, provisions, and materials. After researching the books, guides, handbooks, internet resources, and taking quite a few interviews with big football fans and tailgating fans, we came up with the following list of essential supplies.
You are always free to add items to the list, according to your enthusiasm, your team and party spirit, and of course the size of your wallet. It is also possible that you might go to the party without some of the things, listed here. It is good to know that all of these items are available in arrange of prices and you can always share or borrow things from your friends and good neighbors.

The choice of fire has to be your first decision- charcoal or gas. The debate boils down to flavor (charcoal) versus convenience (gas).

Charcoal Grills:

Grills are available in many sizes, price ranges, and shapes. You will need fuel-be sure to buy some
that will light easily and burn a long time. Bring enough charcoal for the event!
Pros: it cooks hotter and it’s easier to use for smoking foods. Cons: it can be messy, it cooks somewhat unevenly, and you sometimes have to keep stoking the coals.

Gas Grills:

Pros: Require very little setup. Cooking temperatures can be achieved in minutes. The propane tank will last much longer than a pile of coals. ((The average, full-sized propane tank will burn for up to twenty hours).
Cons: most people certainly would agree that flavorful food that has been prepared, using the charcoal grill, tastes better.

Also make sure that the tailgate area allows grills, as some do not. In that case, the food can be prepared ahead of time in the backyard.

Grill Tools:
Having the right grill tools is essential.

Tongs: Good for everything from prodding and flipping foods to fishing obstinate grill-ables out of the coats to choosing the perfect corndog.
Spatulas: It good to keep a variety on hand. Short and long styles provide added flexibility.

Knives: Make sure it’s sharp and is set aside for only the cook’s use.
The ultimate tailgater will have one chef’s knife and one serrated knife to be ready for any dish.

Aprons: It can protect clothes from stains and burns, hold items such as meat thermometer, and give you a place to wipe your hands. You also might be able to fine one emblazoned with your favorite team’s name and logo.

Towels: Cooks need to keep these within arm’s reach for wiping hands mopping up spill of marinade. It’s a good idea to keep two or three around your tailgating space.

Instant-read meat thermometers: Some meet thermometers double as meat forks. That gives you two tools in one. Others are small and clip like pens onto you apron pocket.

Hats: The hat is not an essential piece of equipment but it is true that some sort of hat identifying the chef is always appropriate. And once again – the chef’s hat is easily decorated to demonstrate team allegiance and can be one more item to help the tailgate’s general theme.

Grill accessories:

Grill accessories are not required but you can still give them a consideration.

Side burners: Propane-powered side burners are specific to the gas grill. They function exactly like a stovetop. They can stand alone or they can be attached to the main grill.

Warming Racks: Warming racks allow you to keep cooked food hot without reducing it to cinders.

Dutch ovens and other pots, pans, and skillets: These utensils increase the capabilities of your grill. You can use them for cooking shrimp, crawfish, crab, or lobster boil.

Skewers and kebab racks: Skewers are made of metal or wood (the metal ones usually have a ring on one end) and need to be able to securely hold their ingredients in place. The best skewers are flat or square ones. Some racks are destined to permit easy rotation of the skewer over the heat.

Rotisseries: It provides additional burner. Nearly all major grill manufacturers offer rotisseries for both charcoal and gas grills. (You can put just about anything on a spit).

Steamers: Steamed food can include everything from vegetable to fresh dumpling to shellfish.

Deep fryers: You can use them for preparation of fries, onion rings, fried chicken or turkey.

Portable generators: picture_6.jpg


A lot can be accomplished on battery power alone,
for example, it can power that rotisserie on your grill.
They can be used to power up a music system party lighting, TV set, or blender.

The Bar
The bar can be simple as a cooler filled with ice and soft drinks. The tailgaters have to decide about the limitation of what they will serve. For soft drinks you may not even need a cup, while for mixed drinks you’ll need cups and much more.

Drink accessories: Pack a bottle opener and a corkscrew and a jigger for measuring. If you are planning to sere mixed drinks, you’ll need a shaker and a strainer. You should also have a knife and cutting board. Don’t forget about the napkins and swizzle sticks. Both add color and a festive to the event.

Bar caddies: Having a caddie makes it easy to do your prep work ahead of time and store your condiments safely.

Blenders and ice crushers: Both are wonderful additions for your bar.

Ice: picture_8.jpg One basic rule is that you can never have too much ice.

Coolers: In selecting a cooler look for substantial hinges, a good tight seal around the lid, and a secure lock. Also look for 5-day coolers--they contain much more insulation than standard models and can keep food cold for up to 5 days in 90 degree heat. Probably overkill, but as with ice, it's better to be overprepared than underprepared.

There are many fine models to choose from:
Cooler_1-1.jpg Halloween_062-1.jpg Cooler_2-1.jpg

The Basics
Tables: tables need to be sturdy and portable. Make sure they have a locking mechanism on the legs. You table is essentially the focal point of your tailgate. Cover it in tablecloths in team colors and decorate it with centerpieces that announce your tailgate theme and team loyalty.

Cutting boards: Make sure you have one or more available.



You’ll find great number of portable chairs on the market. Traditionally, the tailgate is not a sit-down affair but you need to consider your needs and limitations.
When picking a chair you have to remember two things: comfort and portability.

Tents, tarps, E-Z Ups, and towels:
Tents keep you and your guests, and your food out of the sun. Tarpaulins can serve as ground covers in muddy conditions, be strung up as awnings to block rain or sun, or be used as tablecloths (in a pinch). Towels are good for everything from soaking up spills to drying off after sudden (or steady) rainstorms. Also consider an E-Z Up-- when caught in a rain storm they are worth their weight in gold.

Trash cans: A full-size model can hold a bunch of tailgate gear in transit. It is also a good example for your neighbor-tailgaters to keep your area orderly

First-aid kids: This might not be the first thing you think of while packing for your tailgate party. But it is always a good idea to be prepared for an accident, so please take time to assemble some basic first-aid products.

Private bathrooms: You may laugh but there are tailgaters that are bringing their own porta-potties to events. The opposite alternative is to stick to nearby public restrooms – the kind hooked up to municipal plumbing.

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