Many football fans drove to the game early and conduct tailgate parties in the parking lot outside the football stadium. Some tailgaters even come a day early and sleep in their vehicles the night before the game.

Tailgating is a family tradition for many people and of course the kids are often included to share the fun. Children also enjoy hanging around before the game chatting it up with fellow fans.
Since the kids are very active, full of energy young fans, their playing field at the tailgating party have to be packed with games, gear, food and beverages – all appropriate for their age.
There are few things to consider when taking kids to a tailgate party.

Safety tailgating tips for kids:

Parents have to remember that the tailgating area is a parking lot not a play area for kids. In order to keep children safety parents who have decided to join a party before the big game, have to park near other families with kids and away from crowds who may be drinking alcohol. Parents have to be responsible for their own alcohol consummation. It is also important to park near the bathroom.
Parents have to remind their kids the following rules:

· not to run in the areas where cars may be driving
· to be careful with the hot grills
· make sure that their parents can see them at all times

Well, if that is too much for Dads and Moms they have to think twice before taking the kids to the tailgate party and/or to the game.

**Tailgating games for kids**

O.K., so we taking kids to a tailgating party. How we going to keep them busy? Most likely with appropriate for them games.

Tossing around a football is a good start but here some other activities:

Tailgate Football Toss Games:

Wild Sales Indianapolis Colts Football Toss


Wild Sales Indianapolis Colts Tailgate Toss Bean Bag Game


Halex Washer Pitcher Tailgate Game

Parents have to remember to check if the certain game is allowed at the area they will hold the party.
What to wear?

Team color shirt of course and a football fan cup! (Tip: With the hat it will be easier to “track” the kid!).
Kids get dirty easily so parents have to bring extra clothes. To pack clothes is a good advice, especially when the weather hesitates.
Tailgating meals for kids

Most common meals for kids are burgers and hot dogs. Can’t go without them! For more fun and to keep the kids’ eminent- bring football-themes edibles such as football cookies, , football helmet cookies, football cupcakes, or football chocolate lollipops.

football-cookie.jpg football-helmet-cookie.jpgfootball_cupke.jpgfootball_cupkake#2.jpgfootball_lollipops.jpglollipops_2.jpg

For more recipes ideas that please the entire crowd check out Tasty Tailgating Eats & Treats.