Team 2 held a virtual conference using an AOL chat room on Sunday, October 17th. One team member set up our chat room and those of us without accounts signed up prior the meeting. We liked the fact that we could set up the chat room and conduct the meeting in a free virtual space. We also opted for chat so that we would have a record or our meeting in text. That was a great decision because we were able to look back over our discussion to determine our assignments for the project as well as our personal e-mail addresses for communication throughout the project.

We discussed a number of topics for our wiki project ranging from the origin of the belt to children’s toys to cemetery histories. Geography played into our decision regarding our topic since our group members live in different Indiana locations as well as Massachusetts. We opted to explore Tailgating in Indiana. Everyone in the group shared aspects of tailgating in Indiana, and we decided to focus on various Indiana college team tailgating traditions, recipes, attire, fanatic fans, and equipment. A quick check of the Internet revealed there wasn’t much out there on the topic. We hope our topic gives people a taste of the sights and sounds of the Indiana tailgating experience as they revel in the interviews, photographs, and stories we have to share.